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Five Top VCs Pick The Ten Biggest Tech Trends Of The Next Five Years

Baked into the venture capital model is an assumption that any individual venture capitalist is going to be wrong way more than he or she is going to be right. But if you get five of them together, with a couple hundred spectators as a crowdsourced backstop, you can come up with some pretty accurate guesses about the future. That’s the idea behind the Churchill Club’s annual Top 10 Tech Trends dinner. Each year, five prominent V...

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Tips & Advice for Angel Investors

How To Become An Angel Investor

With interest in startups booming, it’s now a status symbol to be an angel investor , with celebrities like Ashton Kutcher getting in the game. Anyone with enough resources – an “accredited investor” with a million dollars or more in investable assets – can technically become an angel. But it’s not easy to do it well, which is why serial entrepreneur and investor David Rose recently wrote Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to M...

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