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12% raised

RestorFX Global Brand


RestorFX's innovative Polymimetic technology gives a factory-quality shine to vehicles 75% faster & 43% cheaper than competitors. Set to disrupt the €78bn used car market

400,000 CHF


1,000 CHF


5% raised


Geneva, Switzerland

This proposal is for our first product endorsed by a lot of contacts and prospect clients already at PoC. Read presentation to know more. Business Plan only after NDA.

2,000,000 CHF


150,000 CHF


Global Pro
0% raised


North Western, Switzerland

Stylios is all about lifestyle & fashion. It's time to bring online shopping to the next level and enrich the online shopping experience.

1,500,000 CHF


100,000 CHF


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25,000CHF - 250,000CHF

Geneve, Switzerland

Software engineer specialized in the development of software and in the management of projects, releases and services. Experienced in managing SaaS (Software a...

Areas of Expertise

Java/J2EE language and technol

10,000CHF - 100,000CHF

Bussigny Pres-Lausanne, Switzerland

I'm an ex private banker and have been in the banking and investing field since the late 1980's. Now I'm self employed as a private equity investor and wish to ...

Areas of Expertise

venture capital, fiduciaries t

20,000CHF - 100,000CHF

St-Cergue, Switzerland

I work as a product developer in the insurance industry in Switzerland. In 2014, I decided to transform my personal savings accounts into a portfolio of equity ...

Areas of Expertise

As a product developer, I know

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