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10.000CHF - 100.000CHF

Bussigny Pres-Lausanne, Switzerland

I'm an ex private banker and have been in the banking and investing field since the late 1980's. Now I'm self employed as a private equity investor and wish to ...

Areas of Expertise

venture capital, fiduciaries t

10.000CHF - 500.000CHF

Zürich, Switzerland

I'm a Swiss lawyer, who has been living and working in China for over ten years. In my work, I had the opportunity to gain an in-depth experience in working wit...

Areas of Expertise

Law, Asia

10.000CHF - 25.000CHF

Vevey, Switzerland

I am the CEO of a construction company in my country (Ecuador) and I also own a RE/MAX office. Currently, I manage both business from Switzerland because my wif...

Areas of Expertise

Management is my strong field,

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CHF 250 million raised for our members

20% raised


North Western, Switzerland

New legal meta-data management software assuring chain of custody throughout the e-Discovery process. $8 billion total available market.

500.000 CHF


40.000 CHF

Min per Investor

Global Pro
0% raised

Campus VR of Polis

Central, Switzerland

Polis a city with infinite space and zero distance . The perfect place to do any sort of business . It unites the face toface experience with the convince of the virtual world

50.000 CHF


5.000 CHF

Min per Investor

0% raised

Your Data Finder Bot


The project is about a conversational chat bot with the ability to retrieve any kind of data within a company using cognitive services build on the top of modern technologies

700.000 CHF


50.000 CHF

Min per Investor

What our customers say ...

We raised seed capital during the Global Financial Crisis through the Singapore Angel Investment Network and were able to successfully commercialise our business model. This, at a time when securing seed capital was immensely difficult. We look forward to working with Mike, James and their team to support future capital raises us as we grow the business.

Hayden Filer @ FoodnDrinks Global Ltd

Hayden Filer @ FoodnDrinks Glo...

I am amazed at the response from the network. In two days I have received six responses from interested investors. I was somewhat sceptical before I put my business on this site, but not now. The enquiries are all genuine and now it is up to me. I think this service is well worth a try for any entrepreneur looking for funds.

Gary Isaacs @ iZDOT

Gary Isaacs @ iZDOT

AIN have been fantastic in helping us to source investors for our recent funding round. We are an unorthodox business with an unorthodox model – there are investors out there who are incredibly well suited to us for exactly these unorthodox properties, but there’s no straightforward way for us to meet them. AIN were very thorough throughout the process, they took the trouble to really dig into our business to work out who we wanted to speak to an...

Chris Sheldrick @ what3words

Chris Sheldrick @ what3words

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