10% Raised

Cannabis Investment

location_on Saskatchewan, Canada

Herba Farms is a hydroponic craft producer, farming the product to maximize our grow space. Received building/zoning permit & have begun construction. Website and social media platforms launched. Previously raised $2mm, Already raised $250k.

1'700'000 CHF


690 CHF

Min per Investor

89% Raised

Nocira Migraine Device

location_on South West, USA

Nocira migraine device: pain relief via gentle ear pressure changes = far more effective vs current drugs/devices, safe, consumer-friendly, easy/pleasant to use; 4 trials, 100+ patients; 150+yrs experienced leaders; major KOL champions; $8+M raised

8'700'000 CHF


9'700 CHF

Min per Investor

3% Raised

Metal Recycling Centers

location_on Midwest, USA

Scranton Holding Company; Consolidating four scrapyards on the Mesabi Iron Range to eliminate dual shipping costs; Purchased a 22-acre property with rail access; Combined team experience of 150+ yrs; Already raised $350K

9'700'000 CHF


14'000 CHF

Min per Investor

0% Raised

KJ Planning Co., Ltd.

location_on Japan

KJ Planning CO., Ltd. : A very profitable business model with revenue source of commission fees on CFD brokerage trading & MT4 white-label platforms; profitable for the past 4 years+; previously raised US$8M from investors in Japan.

6'800'000 CHF


6'800 CHF

Min per Investor

0% Raised

P2R metal recovery Pvt

location_on Tamil Nadu, India

P2R Metals Recovery; recover and recycle needed metals from spent catalytic converters. Limited supply in the world, therefore the recycling is necessary. Question: Can these metals be recovered & recycled? Answer: P2R has the proven ability to do th...

3'800'000 CHF


3'100 CHF

Min per Investor

0% Raised

Porrima Photonix Inc.

location_on South West,

Porrima Photonix Inc (PPI) has 50+ years combined team experience to commercialize (1) in-demand airborne chemical mapping surveys of unhealthy/hazardous chemical environments and (2) laser scanners for in vivo/in vitro virus and bacteria detection.

1'900'000 CHF


24'000 CHF

Min per Investor

60% Raised

Together Group

location_on London, United Kingdom

We transform and launch brands for the Post-Coronavirus "New Normal", connecting brands to conscious consumers through digital innovation and social commerce. High-Growth, Profitable business. EIS Approved. £3M+ raised. Path to exit within 3 years.

5'900'000 CHF


11'000 CHF

Min per Investor

100% Raised


location_on W. Midlands, United Kingdom

Invest as little as £20. Zapaygo allows users to order ahead at coffee shops, food outlets, restaurants, bars, concert and sports stadiums via EPOS integrations; Many other great partners. Overfunding now at; www.crowdcube.com/zapaygo

290'000 CHF


110 CHF

Min per Investor

34% Raised

Patented AntiVirus Agent

location_on Singapore, Singapore

Our Patented Antimicrobial Agent, trademarked Rozinco, protects all surfaces with a residual effect that prevents the growth of microbes. Rozinco is a self-powered, powder sized micro-factory that emits oxidising agents which kill microbes.

1'000'000 CHF


13'000 CHF

Min per Investor

Per Page

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