Beatrice K

Jonen, Switzerland

About Me

I have been working in the financial industry for 15 years, mostly as a senior project manager. I have been involved in projects like establishing a new fixed income platform (including FINMA license) and research / initiatives in the area of private equity.

My Areas of Expertise

My main areas of expertise include finance, project management (get something "live") and also IT.


Your Investment Range
10.000CHF To 100.000CHF


Pre-Startup/R&D, MVP/Finished Product, Achieving Sales, Other


Education & Training, Medical, Pharma & Health Care, Tourism & Hotels, Sport & Leisure, Personal Services, Transportation, Agriculture, Automotive, Internet, eCommerce & Apps, IT, Hardware & Software, Building Services & Products, Greentech & Environmental, Entertainment & Film, Finance, Business & Law, Security & Defence, Manufacturing, Energy & Mining, Real Estate, Hospitality, Restaurants & Bars, Products & Inventions, Retail, Marketing & Advertising, Fashion & Beauty, Technology, Food & Beverage, Aviation, Media & Publishing, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Telecom & Mobile


North Western, Espace Mittelland, Eastern, Central, Zurich


Singapore, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, USA

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